Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Name That Tune

Work. Sleep. Check e-mail at 3 AM. Work. Sleep. Answer e-mail at 2 AM. Work. Sleep. Oh yeah, and did I mention it is ragweed season so I can't breathe without coughing unless I take in large amounts of medicines I can't pronounce?

Yes, that's how my past few weeks have been, aside from a few nice moments like visiting my family and dinner with the inlaws. Thus, no updates here, and not much time for a long one.

The other day on one of the Facebook groups I frequent, there was a discussion about DisneyQuest. Ages ago, I used to go there a lot and enjoyed visiting as a local. (I'm not sure it has much to offer someone who is only in town for a short period of time, as there's lots of other amazing things to do on property.)

So what does that have to do with Animal Kingdom? Well, some nights I'd be one of a very few people waiting in line for the last ride on Virtual Pirates, and it was quiet enough in the place you could hear the background music. It didn't take me long before I was able to peg it--the background music used on the first floor is the same background music as the Entrance loop at Animal Kingdom. (You can buy a CD of it at Disney, and it really makes for nice soothing tunes to have on in the background.) This makes a lot of sense given what's in that area: Virtual Pirates, Virtual Jungle Cruise, and (at one time) Treasure of the Incas.

If you're ever in DisneyQuest and it happens to be a quiet night, take a listen...and see if they still use it today.

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